Automatically share your trades with your network

Swarm group-texts your stock market trades to your close family and friends. Share, discuss, and learn together to make smarter investment decisions.

How Swarm Works


Link your brokerages

Your data is secure and protected. Find our robust security policies below.


Automatically share trades

Share and learn together. Discuss your ideas and get input from people you trust.


Copy trades you love

Take action on your discussions. Collaborate to become better investors.

We link to most major brokerages

and hundreds of others

Our Security

256-bit encryption

We use encryption to protect and secure your information, including personal and brokerage data.

Link brokerages with Plaid

We use Plaid, the industry standard in securely connecting to your brokerages. We don't have access to your brokerage credentials.

Transport Layer Security

Our apps use the latest TLS protocol to protect your information when communicating with Swarm.

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More Questions?

Find answers to our FAQs. If we haven't answered your question, feel free to reach out to us at

Why are you asking me to link my brokerage?

We built Swarm to help you have transparent conversations about your investments with the people you trust. We think you are probably already talking to or texting people about your investment decisions today and we want to make that more convenient. By linking your brokerage to Swarm, we can help you quickly and automatically share your investment strategies with your inner circle. Keep trading just as you do today and let us do the hard work of seamlessly sharing your strategies with your Swarm. That sharing goes both ways! You'll also see the trades your Swarm is making and you can discuss and copy others' moves with confidence. We link to your brokerage using one of the industry's best and most secure API vendor, Plaid. This ensures Swarm doesn't store your brokerage credentials and keeps your personal information secure and protected.

How are you using my financial information?

With your permission, Swarm analyzes the holdings and trades you are making in your brokerage and it shares this information with the people you trust. Swarm only shares the securities you are buying and selling and never shares how much money you are investing. Swarm also occasionally shares with you anonymized information about what securities the entire Swarm community is trading. We hope you find this information helpful in making your investment decisions.

Are you selling my financial information?

No, we do not sell your financial information. Swarm makes money by offering premium paid services to its users. We value your privacy and do not monetize your data.

Who is on the Swarm team?

Swarm was founded by a team of entrepreneurs convinced of the need to bring collective intelligence, collaboration, and transparency to the world of investing. Our team consists of proven Fintech entrepreneurs, career technologists, and management consultants who have worked for numerous Fortune 500 companies. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about Swarm.